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Imported brand machine tools
Machining center (vertical, horizontal) series
Gantry machining center series
NC lathe, inclined guide rail series
Large vertical and horizontal lathe series
boring machine (horizontal, planer, floor) series
Forging (punch, shear, folding, laser) series
Ordinary gantry milling machine, planer series
Milling machine, CNC milling machine series
General Machine Tool Series

Product List

CNC Laser Cutting Machine- | Laser Cutting Machine- | J31G Series Closed High Speed Press- | JB36 Series Closed Double Point Press- | NC Shearing Machine- | NC Turret Punching Machine VT300- | NC Bending Machine 30/100 - | JH21 Series Open Type Fixed Press- | YKC Series Air Conditioning Fin Production Line- | HZ-034 / 1 Surface Grinding Machine- | M7130 Surface Grinding Machine- | M7163 Surface Grinding Machine- | ZN3050 / 16 Radial Arm Drilling Machine- | DK7632 Slow Walking Wire CNC Cutting Machine- | DS703 High Speed Punching Machine- | Mid Wire EDM Wire Cutting Machine HA400- | DK7732 Wire Cutting- | C5225 Double Column Vertical Lathe- | CW61100E Horizontal Lathe- | CW61125E Horizontal Lathe- | XK6325B Lifting Table CNC milling machine- | X6140 horizontal milling machine- | X6132 horizontal milling machine- | X5032 vertical lifting table milling machine- | C5116 single-column vertical lathe- | C5250 double -column vertical lathe- | CK800 CNC lathe- | ZQ3040HAx10-12 type shaking Arm Drilling Machine- | KGS-84AH / AHD Surface Grinding Machine- | X2130 Gantry Boring Milling Machine- | B2030 Gantry Planer- | B1031 Single Arm Planer- | XQ2017 Light Gantry Milling Machine- | Horizontal Machining Center MAR-500H / 630H- | Vertical Machining Center MXR-460 / 560V- | XC2016 Gantry Milling Machine- | XKA5040 Lift Type Vertical CNC Milling Machine- | CY-K800n CNC Lathe- | CY6140 Ordinary Horizontal Lathe- | MKW53 Series Fixed Beam CNC Gantry Guide (Plane) Grinder- | Beidayu -LCR-270 CNC Lathe | (Universal) Cylindrical Grinding Machine-M1350B | CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine -MAK1320H | (Universal) Cylindrical Grinding Machine-M1432B | CNC Turning Milling- | Vertical Machining Center-EX850A | Vertical Machining Center-EX1050A | Horizontal Machining Center-MH500 | Five-axis Universal Machining Center-DU650 | Qingdao Huiteng- TK6920 floor boring and milling machine | Qingdao Huiteng-TK6513 CNC horizontal boring and milling machine | Hydraulic gate type shearing machine-QC11Y | Four-column hydraulic press- | NC bending machine- | Beida University CNC lathe LCR-270 series- | Beida University CNC lathe LBR-370 Series- | Beida Daiichi Vertical Machining Center MXR-460V / 560V- | Beida Daiichi Horizontal Machining Center MAR-500H / 630H- | Taiwan Dema Longmen Machine-DLM Series | Taiwan Fushuo CNC Lathe-FBL -360L | Taiwan Fushuo CNC Lathe-FNL-250SY | Tsang Precision CNC Automatic Lathe-S205 / 206 | Tsang Precision CNC Automatic Lathe-B0123-Ⅱ Series | Tsang Precision CNC Automatic Lathe-M06J / 08J | Skyray Kraft-VB Die Fighter Series | Skytree Kraft-V F-speed Rui series | Tianrui Kraft-VM18 gantry series | Tianrui Kraft-VU five-axis series | Beiyi Machine Tool-Moving Beam Gantry XKA28 Series Beiyi Machine Tool-Fixed Beam Table Mobile (XHAD24 / XKAD24 Series) | Lanzhou Xinghuo-CKA6163.CKA6180 Series Frequency Conversion CNC Cars | Lanzhou Xinghuo-CW6163E Three-rail Lathe | Lanzhou Xinghuo-CW6180 | Lanzhou Xinghuo-CWA61100 | -VMC850T | Taiwan Dema Vertical Machining Center-LA Series | Taiwan Dema Vertical Machining Center-LV Series | Taiwan Dema High Speed Vertical Machining Center-EX Series | Taiwan Dema Horizontal Machining Center-MH Series | CNC-VM Series Gantry Vertical Machining Center | Neway CNC-PM Series High Speed Direct Gantry Machining Center | Newway CNC-PM Series High Speed Gantry Machining Center | Ibamiya-T Series | Ibamiya-Z Series | Parma, Italy-Machining Centers | Parma, Italy-Gantry Machining Centers | Neway CNC-VM Series Electric Spindle Vertical Machining Center | Neway CNC-HM Series High Speed Horizontal Machining Center | Neway CNC-HM Series Heavy cutting horizontal machining center | Newey number - PM Series five-axis machining center | Neway CNC - PM series electro-spindle machining center | Neway CNC - NL Series CNC horizontal lathe rolling guide | Neway CNC - HL Series Heavy Duty CNC horizontal lathe | New York Wei CNC-VNL series CNC vertical lathes | Jiangsu Boshang-ETC series slant bed CNC lathes | Jiangsu Boshang-ET series slant bed CNC lathes | Jiangsu Boshang-full-function CNC lathes | Neway CNC-NL series lying Turning Center | Neway CNC-Auto Rear Wheel Hub Line | Beidadai Group -LBR-370-e Series CNC Lathes | Qi Er Machine-T69 Series Floor Milling and Boring Machine | Qi Er Machine-TH69 Series Floor Milling and Boring | Qi Er Machine Tool-TK69 Series Floor Milling and Boring Machine | Neway CNC-VM Series Heavy-cut Vertical Machining Center | Nantong Jingding-XK20 Series Moving Beam CNC Gantry Boring Milling Machine Parma, Italy-Large-sized CNC Boring and Milling Machine | Parma, Italy-Large-sized CNC Boring and Milling Machine | Haitong CNC-CNC Single-column Vertical Lathe

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